Princess Castle Cake

For the perfect princess party, you need the perfect princess castle cake. Since every princess needs a castle, that is exactly what I’ll be making today. This must be one of the easiest cakes to make, with biggest “wow” impact. I guess that is just the normal reaction from every princess seeing a beautiful castle!

Super easy to make princess castle cake

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How to make fondant antlers

This is going to be sweet and short (no pun intended)
Since we are busy prepping for the boys hunting party, I needed some antlers to place on top of the cake. So today I’m showing you how to make fondant antlers.

Fondant antlers make the perfect cake topper for a Hunting or Woodlands party

To make it stronger and give the antlers structure, I’ve used some wire. Unfortunately the wire was a bit thick or I’m simply not strong enough to twist the one around the other. What do you do? Get out the good old trusty glue gun!

fondant antlers -Step 1

Fondant antler wired frame

I’ve cut the pieces I needed and bend them a bit to give the desired shape. I then placed them together and glued them together till all the pieces made up the antler shape.

fondant antlers -Step 2

I know, the glue of the glue gun is not safe for human consumption, but even for that I’ve made a plan. I took out the aluminium foil and covered the whole frame with the foil.

Fondant antler frame covered in aluminium foil

fondant antlers – Step 3

So now it is safe and time to get the fondant on them. I use sore bought fondant for all my cakes simply because it safes me a lot of time as a working mom. But I’m sure you can safe some money by making your own fondant (will have to give it a try some day!)

Fondant antlers before painted

fondant antlers – Step 4

The hardest part comes now. Waiting for the fondant to dry so you can paint it. It ended up that I didn’t have any brown paint or food coloring. I’ve decided since it’s not really a color I use often, I will use some of the melted chocolate that was hanging around the kitchen where I’m busy making the chocolate antlers for the marshmallow deers.

Finished fondant antlers as cake toppers

I must admit. I am really happy with the result and the kids and adults were all very impressed with my antlers. This could also work well with my Woodlands themed party where I’ve used the same basic log cake.

Visit Pinterest  if you need more inspiring ideas for a Hunting party or a Woodlands party.

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How to make a cookie cutter

We are planning the boy’s 8th birthday party. Since it is a Hunting Party, everything must be according to the theme. But finding a cookie cutter in our town that will fit the bill, is not so easy. So today I’ll be showing you how to make a cookie cutter into any shape.

How to make a cookie cutter

For this you will need just a couple of items and a bit of patience. At the end the results were awesome, considering it is a one of a kind and only took about 15 minutes to make!

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Toilet roll princess crown

Every princess party needs a crown. For my little princess party I was looking for an affordable, yet beautiful crown. So I found the idea on Pinterest to make a toilet roll princess crown. Who doesn’t have toilet rolls in the house?

The part about this little crown that excites me, is the versatility it has to be used in different ways in the party. This helps that the theme stays consistent throughout.

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Lollipop Red Riding Hood

Instead of dumping all the sweets in one bag, what about being a bit creative en let them help enhancing the theme of your party. Red Riding Hood is just one of those themes where you can add that something extra that makes it look super awesome. So I am making lollipop Red Riding Hood! Just look at it! You could literally eat her up! (No pun intended).

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Little cardboard baskets

While busy planning the Red Riding Hood party, I needed a snack basket to fit with the theme. That is, without breaking the bank! So I thought, why not make some out of cardboard. It should be easy right? Wrong!! The tutorials I found online was difficult and time consuming. So I needed to find another plan. I just had to design my own little cardboard baskets.

Little cardboard baskets

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