Princess Castle Cake

For the perfect princess party, you need the perfect princess castle cake. Since every princess needs a castle, that is exactly what I’ll be making today. This must be one of the easiest cakes to make, with biggest “wow” impact. I guess that is just the normal reaction from every princess seeing a beautiful castle!

Super easy to make princess castle cake

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Toilet roll princess crown

Every princess party needs a crown. For my little princess party I was looking for an affordable, yet beautiful crown. So I found the idea on Pinterest to make a toilet roll princess crown. Who doesn’t have toilet rolls in the house?

The part about this little crown that excites me, is the versatility it has to be used in different ways in the party. This helps that the theme stays consistent throughout.

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Red Riding Hood Party

The story of Red Riding Hood can be traced back to the 10th century to European folk tales. The story of a girl in a red cloak and the big bad wolf. We all know the classic story. For decades this is a very popular theme for girls parties. Little Red, Little Red Riding hood, Little Red Cap, all these names refers back to a little girl taking food in a basket to her grandmother. Here is my easy to diy take on a classic theme for a Red Riding Hood Party.

Red Riding Hood party

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Lollipop Red Riding Hood

Instead of dumping all the sweets in one bag, what about being a bit creative en let them help enhancing the theme of your party. Red Riding Hood is just one of those themes where you can add that something extra that makes it look super awesome. So I am making lollipop Red Riding Hood! Just look at it! You could literally eat her up! (No pun intended).

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Little cardboard baskets

While busy planning the Red Riding Hood party, I needed a snack basket to fit with the theme. That is, without breaking the bank! So I thought, why not make some out of cardboard. It should be easy right? Wrong!! The tutorials I found online was difficult and time consuming. So I needed to find another plan. I just had to design my own little cardboard baskets.

Little cardboard baskets

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