Yummy sugar cookies

How often did it not happen that you buy professionally baked sugar cookies that took your breath away, until you took the first bite? That was basically my view of sugar cookies. Beautiful, but yukky cookies. That was until I tried to make them myself from an old recipe that I found in my late mother in law’s cook book. Oh boy, these are yummy sugar cookies!

yummy sugar cookies

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Potjiekos the SA way

Potjiekos is one of those uniquely South African celebrations. Yes, I call it a celebration because explosion sounds very violent, but that is what happens in your mouth, an explosion. So I would rather call it a celebration of this taste sensation. For those of you not familiar with potjiekos, it can literally be translated to “small pot food”. I know doesn’t sound very appetizing, but bare with me.

South African potjiekos

When you look at it you might see it resembles a stew, but unlike a stew, it gets very little liquid to cook in and is not stirred at all. The pot is also very unique. It is made out of cast iron and has three legs to lift it in order to make a small fire underneath it. A potjie usually takes a couple of hours (3-6 hours), depending on the meat used. Traditionally it was made out of venison with vegetables, a starch like rice or potatoes and Cape-Malay spices.

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Easy lemon meringue pie for high tea

Lemon meringue has always been one of my ultimate favorite tea-time treats. Just enough sour and just enough sweet. Needless to say that when I found an easy lemon meringue pie recipe, I was over the moon (and I heard no complaints from the boys either!) With my lemon tree producing like it will never have another chance, I just had to give it a go.

Easy lemon meringue pie

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Easy lemon cake for high tea or desert!

The middle of winter is one of my favorite times. Why you ask? Citrus of cause! I have a young lemon tree in my garden (you can read more about my poor tree here). But despite the trials and tribulations the tree had to go through, it came back with a vengeance and is giving fruit in abundance! So what do you do when you have too much (is this possible? I’m not sure…) lemons? You bake! So here is my yummy easy lemon cake, perfect for high tea or desert.

Lemon cake for high tea or desert

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