Oh deer…it’s a hunting party

So the boys came to that age where shooting and hunting is like some cool sport. And since they we are going on a hunting trip for their birthday, it was the obvious choice when it came to this years party theme. Oh deer…it’s a hunting party!

Oh deer...it's a hunting party

This was such a fun theme. Since the cousins are younger and lets be honest, hunting can get a bit gruesome, I’ve tried to keep it fun and pretty (can you call it pretty?)

The perfect hunting party cake

Hunting party log cake with fondant antlers

No party is a party without a cake! Look, I’m no baker, but since this is a blog for mommies, nobody is expecting it to look as if you paid high prices. I decided to do the basic bark cake. You can get the how to here.

We’ve added a pair of antlers to give it a real feel and you obviously need some sort of bullets to finish the deer exercise. The leaves I made by printing a leaf silhouette, cut it out and then trace it on the fondant. I’ve placed them in a cupcake pan to dry to get them to shape like drying leaves.

To get the moss effect around the base of log, you can check out my Moss Cupcake tutorial here.

Hunting party food table

Marshmallow deer for a hunting party

Since bullets and guns aren’t really this mommies cup of tea, I had to find a way bring the theme into the party that compliments the theme. I came across the idea for deer cake pops, but since time was a bit short and I didn’t really want to add to many sweets, I decided that a marshmallow deer will be perfect. Come to think of it, I will be using them for the Christmas party. Santa will definitely need some reindeer’s!

Adorable marshmallow deer for a hunting party or Christmas party

Don’t you think they just look too adorable! I’ve made the nose and eyes from fondant. The antlers I’ve made by printing a couple of antler silhouettes on paper, placed a baking sheet (or wax paper) over it and then piped some melted chocolate on the shape.

Simple hunting party cupcake and cake pop

For the cupcakes and cake pops I’ve used the same chocolate antlers. Why isn’t there any frosting on the cupcakes you ask? Just simply because some of the family members hate frosting! Jippee, less work for me!

Snacks and treats

The rest of the snacks we kept very simple. With crisps, caramel popcorn, pretzel sticks, some sausage rolls and deer shaped sugar cookies. You can get the recipe here and see how to make the cookie cutter here.

Hunting party snacks and food cards

For the kids we had party packs that was made of simple brown paper bags and finished of with a little sticker to ad the theme to them. Inside was a small packet of crisps, a couple of sweets and an iced tea for each.

Hunting party bags and drink labels

All items used in the hunting theme will be available in my etsy shop, so keep in eye open for them. So to end of this party, I have a spot the party boys for you! Till next time, party on…

Big hunters that you can not see
My two handsome boys. Can’t believe that they are eight already. Guess that’s why they say, time flies when you’re having fun.
Help others to party along!

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    1. Thanks Beth! This was such a hit with the adults and kids. There are also a ton of fun games to add to this theme! I’ll be using the marshmallow deer idea for our Christmas party, but give a couple of them red noses to be Rudolph!

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