Princess Castle Cake

For the perfect princess party, you need the perfect princess castle cake. Since every princess needs a castle, that is exactly what I’ll be making today. This must be one of the easiest cakes to make, with biggest “wow” impact. I guess that is just the normal reaction from every princess seeing a beautiful castle!

Super easy to make princess castle cake

For the basic cake I’ve baked a standard, two tier vanilla cake. Nothing fancy for this round. In between the two layers is some smooth apricot jam to brake the sweetness of the cake and fondant.

Start out by giving the cake a vanilla icing crumb coat and place in the freezer for about 20 minutes to let the icing set. Start by covering the cake with some white fondant. and set aside.

The castle cake towers

The inspiration and idea for the towers I found on Pinterest. The towers I’ve made by covering some paper toilet rolls with cling wrap. Now cut fondant in a square to fit around the roll. Before rolling it around, I’ve used a heart shape cookie cutter to cut the cute heart shaped windows in. Roll the fondant around the toilet roll and glue it with some water. Set aside to dry.

Now for the roof. Take an ice cream cone. I must admit, I think a sugar cone would give a better finished product, but I’ve decided that since their intend was not to be eaten, but purely be the structure, the normal once will do just fine.

Easy steps to make the roof for your Princess party Castle cake

  1. Start be placing a thin strip of fondant close to the base of the cone. This be the basis to attach the roof tiles to.
  2. Cut some fondant circles by using a cutter or like I did, a piping cone. start be wetting the base strip with some water and attaching the first layer to it. Make sure that the tiles overlap – secure them with water to one another.
  3. Continue adding tiles till the whole cone is covered.
  4. Add a white fondant ball to the top and stick a tooth pic through the top. This will be the flag pole.
  5. Set aside to dry.

After the tower and roof has dried, you can use either water or normal icing to secure the roof to the tower. Add a cute little flag to the top and there you have it. A tower fit for a castle.

Fondant castle tower for a princess party castle cake

You can decide where you want to place the towers as well as how many towers you want to ad.

Last but not least, I’ve added some details like a wooden door, some vines and roses and two small trees next to the door.

There you have it! As super easy castle cake that will not break the bank, yet pretty enough to let you princess smile like true royalty!


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